A creative girl with a mental health condition experiences revelations and attempts to alleviate global poverty and hunger with awareness through dance worldwide.


In a world where many view mental illness as disabling, can MACY, a young woman who is
diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder, still achieve her goals?  Macy is a first generation Asian American whose grandparents and parents (GOLDEN FLOWER and SANG) immigrated to America from China and Vietnam to seek refuge from the Vietnam War. Since then, they have obtained stable careers, become part of communities and raised three children (JEN, Macy, and DANIEL) together. Macy’s relationships with her family members take a turn for the worse after the diagnosis, but with persistent support and help, they regain balance. 

During her episodes, Macy experiences three revelations that inspire her to alleviate global
hunger and poverty. While some feel that her goal is unobtainable, Macy stops at nothing and
proactively makes decisions that will help turn her dreams into a reality. 

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