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Hi, my name is Mei Sze (Macy) Phung.

Hello, my name is Macy Phung and I am the founder of Dance for World Peace film and Seek Purity Entertainment LLC. To give a little background about myself, I am a first generation Asian American whose family immigrated from China and Vietnam because of the Vietnam War. After settling in America, my parents had three children - my sister, my brother and I and raised us in Alameda, California.

Turning Point
When I was 18 and studying at the Peralta Community Colleges, I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, a mental health condition that can include symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations, mania and depression. As much as this negatively impacted me in some aspects of my life, I also found something positive out of it. I realized how fortunate I am to have such a loving and supportive family where I have a roof over my head and food to eat every day. This motivated me to continue to work hard in school. I transferred to University of California, Los Angeles where I received my B.A. Degree in 2015 majoring in World Arts and Cultures, with a focus on film, dance, and poverty alleviation. There, I learned the importance of arts activism to serve people. 

Since having graduated, I continue to immerse myself into the world of helping others. I joined organizations where I volunteer at a local community center for at-risk seniors, give lessons to children about world hunger, become even more active at my temple, and lobby government representatives so that I can learn how to alleviate poverty and hunger from as many angles as I know. 

While at UCLA, I had an idea to contribute to raising awareness about world hunger and poverty by creating a drama feature film called Dance for World Peace, which is based on my personal story. Dance for World Peace will star an Asian / Asian American cast because I want to help my race feel represented. With the success and buzz that generated from Crazy Rich Asians, I believe people will feel compelled to watch Dance for World PeaceDance for World Peace will address activism, social issues and prejudices that people face, as well as raise awareness of poverty. I hope that through this film, I will be able to help end poverty by 2030 with the complementary Project #DanceToEndHungerNow, in addition to assisting organizations fulfill the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

You can learn more about Dance for World Peace in our video: